Friday, June 6, 2008

Semi-Pro (Kent Alterman, 2008) C-

As embarrassing as it may seem, I'm a sucker for Will Ferrell movies. Sure, his target audience is immature teenage boys, but I always manage to laugh myself silly. They are not great movies, just great escapism, which is all you need sometimes. That being said, Semi-Pro is one of the weakest in the recent filmography of Ferrell. He is as funny as ever, but whenever he isn't on the screen Semi-Pro grinds to a halt. The problem is that Ferrell is so over the top and consistently in character that none of the supporting cast (even Woody Harrelson) could even begin to match him. Even Talladega Nights had Sacha Baron Cohen to keep things going when Ferrell was off screen. If you're looking for a couple of laughs, Semi-Pro will suit you fine, but look for Anchorman and Blades of Glory to stand up to repeated viewings.

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